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Wednesday Wellbeing : The Balanced Brief

Regular readers will know that I often write about the physical, emotional and psychological challenges of a busy legal practice.

However, few of you will know that for 5 years I have worked with a number of legal practitioners (and others) to help them overcome these challenges and create a fulfilling life and career that suits them.
Alongside my legal qualifications I have a range of other qualifications and skills which allow me to provide services which broadly come under the heading of Coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique.
Those I have worked with often tell me the sessions have ‘changed their life’ and that ‘they feel so much better.’

Recently I discovered that a fellow barrister, Jo, has also started providing similar coaching to colleagues. Both of us have seen an increase in demand for our services through private referrals.
It seemed therefore sensible to team up. And make what we offer more public. We have worked with individuals and barristers chambers which have made wellbeing a priority for their members and staff.

The Balanced Brief
Jo and Rehna are practising barristers who are also qualified to provide coaching for colleagues.
We work with practitioners to help them create a fulfilling life and career that suits them.

We are aware through our confidential work with fellow practitioners over the past few years that lawyers (and legal staff) can feel overworked, overwhelmed and dissatisfied with their practice and life.

This can lead to:
Poor health

Due to an increasing demand for our services through private referrals, we are opening up to chambers and law firms for the benefit of practitioners who may not be aware there is help available from fellow practitioners who understand the challenges of a successful practice.

We offer bespoke services to fit the needs of individuals, whether practitioners or staff at excellent rates. We also offer presentations to groups.

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