Dear Colleagues,

In 2019 there were over 128,000 solicitors in the United Kingdom and over 16,000 barristers. As lawyers, we have a unique lifestyle: we travel to far flung courts at a moment’s notice; we eat on the go; we have a very particular dress code; we work unusual hours; and whilst we are a popular subject for films and television dramas, we are also one of the least popular professionals in the eyes of the public.

Yet, despite our large profession and shared lifestyle, my then fellow barrister, Anushka and I noticed that all the great websites aimed at lawyers focus on the ‘law’ in ‘a lawyer’s life’. We thought it was about time that someone focused on the ‘life’… so Itsalawyerslife was born.

We created a one-stop resource for lawyers like us, where you could find:

• useful information about travelling to different courts
• tips on where to get a great coffee or tasty sandwich at court or on the go
• advice on the latest court fashions
• tips on where to get sensible, but funky, shoes
• reviews of films, plays, books, concerts to enjoy when your cases finish
• interviews with the leading lights of the legal profession and beyond
• help with personal issues we’re reluctant to talk about
• recipes, holiday tips, photos of cute pets….all the things that make up a lawyer’s life

Anushka has since moved on to a non legal career but Itsalawyerslife has flourished and grown. Our blog has an extraordinary range and breadth of articles. We regularly host incredible live events and collaborate with leading legal and commercial brands and have been featured in publications such as The Times and the Legal Gazette.

We now have a regular team and many guest contributors.

www.itsalawyerslife.com is very much a community. As well as solicitors and barristers, we attract judges, magistrates, legal staff, social workers, Children’s Guardians, experts, police, law students; all of whom have their links to a lawyer’s life.

We welcome ideas and contributions from all of you. We would love you to share your funny court experiences, your views on where to find the best coffee, and news of your amazing hobbies and accomplishments outside work.

We want you to be part of itsalawyerslife.com. Please join us…

Email us on: info@itsalawyerslife.com

Yours editorially

In Elegance and Attitude


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