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Wednesday Wellbeing : Simple tips for smart people

5 tips from 2 QCs

1. If you’re a barrister,  make the most of the flexibility of self employment. It’s feast or famine when it comes to time. Be prepared for that and enjoy the feast when it comes.

2. Use the time you get when a case is unexpectedly adjourned or settled for yourself. Go to that school play you might have otherwise missed, use the spare time for your home life not to finish off more work.

3. It’s easier to work a 5 day week and take regular short breaks than try to work 3 or 4 days per week. Book time out and then know you have it for yourself. Short weeks rarely work out in reality.

4. Be prepared to say no to work. Regulate what you take on. Don’t try to juggle work and home life in a bid to keep work and family happy- you will succeed in satisfying neither.

5. Communicate properly at all levels. Be upfront with your clerks, solicitors and colleagues about what you can and can’t do, will and won’t do. And mostly when you need help.

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