Monday Mating : Singularly happy

Singularly Happy by Emma

As a heterosexual single woman in her late thirties I would like to speak on behalf of the great majority of us and explain that we are not, collectively, a sad and lonely bunch. Nor are we lesbians who haven’t yet plucked up the courage to come out. We are not man-haters and there is not, necessarily, something wrong with us.

I am truly happy to be a single woman. I love men, I love to have sex with men. I am mentally stable and have no issues with the concept of being in a relationship. I wouldn’t mind finding a man to be in a relationship with but I’m not prepared to compromise on what I am looking for simply to be in one. I’ve been in relationships in which I was far more lonely than I have ever been on my own. I enjoy my own company. I relish in the freedom that brings. I enjoy the sense of achievement I have that all I own, I have earned. I appreciate the security I have, knowing that the roof I have put over my head is mine. I have wonderful friends and a supportive family.

I understand that I am in the minority and that people may find the above hard to understand. I accept their questions, efforts to find me a match and sometimes, even, the pity in their eyes. However, I do find it quite offensive when people assume that perhaps I’m confused about my sexuality and suggest that I “try women instead?” I’ve heard that so many times. I can’t imagine they’d suggest to a single, gay women that perhaps she was a tad confused and she ought to “try a man.” For the record, I’m straight and single and proud to be so!

So, there you have it. I am happy. I am single. I am contented. I am not alone.


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