Thursday Thoughts : Pupil Perspective

A Pupil’s Perspective: by Leah

Pupillage is the final stage of training to be a barrister. It is the one hurdle we hope we pass with flying colours so we can secure our ultimate goal, tenancy. After years of essay writing, revision, exams and filling in application forms I secured pupillage. However, despite the hundreds of blogs on how to secure pupillage there is not one post on what to expect during pupillage. So I thought I’d try and inform all future applicants what they might encounter:

5 things to expect during pupillage:

1. You are the tea and coffee maker

2. You will be expected to attend court daily and make copious amounts of comprehensive notes (easier said than done)

3. Buy a good laptop, you will be attached to it most of the time

4. Late nights. Get used to reading into the small hours of the morning, it happens a lot!

5. Pupillage can be daunting and hard work. However, make an effort with the other members of your chambers. If you can get on with them, that’s half the battle.

Having survived my first few weeks of pupillage my advice to any prospective pupil is work hard, be enthusiastic, ask questions but most of all enjoy it!

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