What makes a Good Lawyer? Panel: Judge Vera Mayer

I was born in Prague. My family left the Czech Republic when I was 8 and immigrated to Israel, where I lived until I was 24. Having completed my (compulsory) national service and a BA in psychology, I came to the UK to study for a Masters degree in Child Development. 
Later, half way through a Ph.D in psychology, I decided to change direction, did a law conversion course and Bar finals. I never looked back! Having got a tenancy in a general common law chambers (now Coram Chambers), I did, as we all did in those days, a bit of everything; crime, civil, and some family. My school English (my fourth language) improved, my family practice grew and for my last 20 years at the Bar I concentrated first on all aspects of family law and later on public law and primarily child protection.
I sat 4 years as a Recorder and 16 as a CJ, concentrating, again, on child protection. I taught at the Judicial College for 8 years, lectured a bit here and abroad, and retired (happily) 2.5 years ago. And then … along came Covid-19. Luckily I did not dispose of some of my work suits; I am thankful that I can continue contributing to the judiciary, and grateful for being able to fill my time with some work, since all my loves (children living abroad, travel, culture, friends) have been adjourned sine die.