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Wednesday Wellness: Essential oils and immune support by Rina



Dotty’s oils and immune support 


As all decent lawyers know,
legal research begins with a quick search on Google. It will, of-course, in my case at least, then proceed to Archbold, Banks on Sentence and Westlaw; but generally, Google is where I begin. Researching essential oils, their properties, benefits and uses is no different.

Last year I conducted some research into various ailments. I learnt (thank you Google) that we spend on average, two and a half years battling the common cold. How exhausting!

We all know that exercising regularly, getting a good night’s sleep, eating the colours of the rainbow, trying to limit stress, booze, caffeine (and so on) will help us be our best and most resilient selves.

Is there anything we can do, though, involving essential oils, to support our immune system?

In short, the answer is yes. But here’s the thing. And it may be an obvious thing to say but essential oils cannot diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Although the essential oils we promote at Dotty’s Oils are certified pure therapeutic grade and are 100% pure and natural (trust me when I say that most essential oils on the market aren’t), they are not miraculous wonder drugs. What they can do is support, maintain, and protect the body in a variety of ways.

It’s also true to observe that an essential oil that works for one person, may not work for the next. All pretty common-sense stuff, right?

The symptoms of a cold, as we are all aware, include a blocked or runny nose, a sore throat, head and body aches, coughing, a raised temperature, etc. I used to hotfoot it down to Boots the Chemist at the first glimpse of being unwell and would easily (though begrudgingly) blow the best part of about £40 on remedies to help me battle my impending illness. 

Typically, I would buy items such as: Echinacea drops (£11.99), Lemsip Cold & Flu (£4.99 for 10 sachets), Strepsils (£4.99), Ultra Chloroseptic Anaesthetic Spray (£5.99), Decongestant tablets (£3.99), Olbas Oil (£6.99), Sinus Relief Sachets (£19.99), Nasal Spray (£5.99), Voltarol (13.49).

Nowadays, I don’t buy these items. I don’t blow a small fortune in Boots and keep my medicine cabinet stocked with remedies that will go out-of-date or that only address one particular symptom. 

Instead, and I think you know where I am going with this, when it comes to coughs, colds,seasonal illnesses, or my generally feeling under the weather, I turn to natural solutions and remedies. Essential oils are multi-purpose and can be used all year around. There is no wastage.

On Guard is where it all begins for me. It is an absolute gem of an essential oil and a must-have in your battle against the bugs. It is called the Protective Blend for a reason! In recent weeks, there has been an increase in demand of over 400% for the On Guard essential oil, purifying hand mist, handwash and softgels.

What is On Guard? It is a pre-made blend of essential oils and it contains Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Wild Orange.

The properties of these single oils are just incredible. To name but a few…

Cinnamon is antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral and is an immune-stimulant.
Clove is analgesic, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infectious.
Eucalyptus is antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.
Rosemary is antibacterial, a decongestant.

Wild Orange is antibacterial, antiseptic and purifying.

You can use On Guard as a pre-made blend or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can make the blend yourself! I diffuse On Guard all over the house if I am feeling under the weather but I also take it internally. My preferred way to take it internally is in a Veggie Cap and as part of a “Flu Bomb” or “FLOOM“.

The oils  I combine are: Frankincense, Lemon, On Guard, Oregano and Melaleuca. I take two drops of Lemon and one of the other oils if I want to boost my immunity or four drops of Lemon and two drops of the other oils if  I can really feel an illness coming on. There are various combinations of the flu bomb (Copaiba and Turmeric can be added, for example) but this is a good place to start.

If you have a sore throat, the On Guard Throat Drops or Ginger Drops are great. I am a huge fan of the On Guard Beadlets, too (also available in Peppermint). Each beadlet contains a quarter of a drop or pure essential oil and they melt in your mouth. This is particularly handy for when your judge returns into court sooner than you had expected.

Nothing beats a mug of hot water with a drop each of Lime and Ginger. It’s very soothing for a sore throat. You could also make your own throat spray using Ginger, Frankincense, Melaleuca, On Guard and Copaiba. Five drops of each in a 10ml spray bottle and top-up the remainder with water. Shake before each use.

Feeling a bit chesty? Get the respiratory blend Air in the diffuser. The blend contains Cardamom, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Lemon, Laurel Leaf and Ravensara – everything you need to help open your airways.

You can also purchase the Air blend in a ready-made vapour stick or roller bottle so that you can apply it directly to your chest. I often swipe a bit right under my nose as well. 

Are your muscles feeling sore and achy? Then Deep Blue is the perfect tonic! I apply it topically – using either the Deep Blue Rub  (with a drop of Lemongrass for extra punch) or the Deep Blue Touch.

At Dotty’s Oils, we are keen on finding natural solutions for life’s challenges. It even says so on our logo! Please do reach out and ask us questions. We would be delighted to answer them.

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