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Wednesday Wellbeing: Boosting your immune system by Zoe

Taking care of you – boosting your immune system

In these uncertain times, our wellbeing goddess Zoe looks at ways to boost your immune system to find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Hello everyone, I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

Now,  who else feels like they’re living in a bizarre movie, fast becoming reality, while the world battles COVID-19??? Or is it just me?

These are unprecedented times. I can’t control what’s happening but I can control how I choose to respond and support myself. So, instead of embracing fear, anxiety and uncertainty, which of-course rise up, I want to share what I’m doing to support my wellbeing & immune system. Caveat – of course there’s no right way of doing this. Take time to listen to your intuition and let the guidance from within you be your guru.

Supporting our immune system is a good idea! This is more than eating good, clean, fresh food, although this is vital! It’s a series of activities that work collectively to help us feel good and support the body. So, you might want to think about how you; breathe, exercise, get fresh air in your lungs, laugh, sleep, listen to your body, manage stress, practice personal hygiene, have regular orgasms (yes really!) and reduce your exposure to toxins and yes this includes alcohol and caffeine and known allergens.

So what am I doing?

I’m spending extra time meditating each day and changing these meditations up for greater impact. What does this look like?
It might sound crazy but I’ve included more chanting! Sound and vibration literally have the power (born out by blood tested research!) to change the chemical composition of our cells. This can be a highly impactful process particularly when processing stress and promoting deep relaxation. The beagles love it but my husband escapes to his garden office, unless he’s asleep – then he gets the benefits of sound without knowing it too!
Sit quietly, eyes closed, chin tucked in a tiny bit, focus at the brow point, take a deep inhale and chant ONG (the sound of infinity) for as long as the breath allows. Feel the vibrations in the nasal passage, throat and head.
Including longer periods for deep relaxation at the end of my yoga practice. To help the body reach homeostasis and promote restorative rest.  This will have a significant impact on boosting my immune systems response & absorbing the benefits of practice.
Making my own fresh organic juice ‘shots.’ I use a mixture of apples, oranges, pink grapefruit, turmeric, ginger. Pimped up drastically to include waaaaaaay more fiery ginger and turmeric and necking the spicy combos first thing in the morning! Yum! Organic to minimise toxins.
Staying well hydrated. Zero caffeine for me. Sorry, I know I sound like a ‘goody two shoes’ but I heard the call from within to give up caffeine, way before the booze! Lightening the caffeine load can help.
Eating fresh food, cooked from scratch. Soups, curries, chillies, some spring salads but EXTRA plants and fruit, eating the rainbow. Praying my Riverford delivery continues. Using the food I choose to nourish my body with and cook as a mindful practice. My body is my home.
Time out in nature walking the boys, breathing in lots of fresh air or forest bathing. And hugging trees – try it – it works! Nature is so giving.
I’ve recently started my own wellbeing practice. The timing, as a newly self-employed person (as many of you are), is not ideal BUT I can’t fight what’s happening, so I’m practicing staying in each moment and focusing on all I’m grateful for. Shameless plug here, if you need a health coach to support you in optimising your life or want to know what a health coach does, please reach out via or 07785 774 149on Whatsapp I’m happy to help!
Enjoying time indoors with my family, watching films, readings, snuggling with the beagles! AND making time to get on with all the things I’ve been putting off, like completing my website and decluttering (again!)! Every cloud can have that silver lining!
Making sure I get enough good quality sleep! For me this is going to bed earlier and rising with the sun. I have an Epsom salt bath before bed, do a series of left nostril breathwork (simply covering my right nostril with my thumb and breathing long inhales and exhales through my left nostril) followed by a quick read and NOSOCIAL MEDIA!
And finally, you may not feel like it, but laugh! Even a fake one works. Soooo good! Release energy, tension and feel good chemicals. Try it right now. Wherever you are!

I wanted to end with a simple activity to support you. Anyone can do it, no age limit, on your own or in groups or with children.

Relaxation to promote feelings of wellbeing

1. Sit comfortably. Close your  eyes and behind the closed eye lids fix your gaze at the brow point, the space between both eyebrows.
2. Keep the focus at this space, even if the eyes flicker, and stay in each moment, with a focus on your breath. Breath normally.
3. Set a timer between 3 – 11 minutes. Playing relaxing music for focus is fine too.
4. This is an ancient yogic practice that brings noticeable peace and a sense of deep relaxation. It also helps to release serotonin into the body as long as you keep gazing at the brow point.

Sending so much love, light and blessings to you all!

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Big virtual hugs,


Health & Wellness Coach

Yoga and Meditation Teacher