Tuesday Trends: Legal Lipstick Lowdown


Have you ever wondered what your colour  choice of lipstick for court might say about how you’re approaching your work? 

A barrister colleague once told me that she always picked the sharpest shade of red when she planned a fierce cross examination of a difficult witness.

She now sits in the Court of Appeal, so something clearly worked!



Our own style goddess, Keeley, a family law solicitor at MW Solicitors gives us the legal lipstick lowdown:

Are you a Martha Costelloan Elle Woods or an Alicia Florrick?

Martha Costello famously wore bright red lipstick during her appearance as a feisty  defence barrister in the TV series Silk and even more famously would write the verdict on the back sheet of her ribboned brief in the same crimson lipstick. Unfortunately, with the introduction of electronic briefs and bundles this might  prove somewhat difficult to do now!

Elle woods was not shy about promoting “everything pink” and fabulously and outrageously wore pink lipstick at Court.  She even boldly wore it when she went to visit her top client “Brooke Wyndham in prison.

Alicia Florrick, on the other hand, despite wearing glamorous designer suits, never added any lipstick to match. 

So, is it ok to wear red or pink lipstick to Court?

I’m happy  to say YES, but I’m equally willing  to hear submissions to the contrary…………..

But lets face it ladies, whatever the shade,  it needs to be long lasting. We advocates are under enough pressure reading endless bundles and putting our clients’ cases without having to worry during submissions: “Have I got lipstick on my teethor was that position statement  I’ve just handed up to the judge stained with makeup marks?

Here are my go to lipsticks at the moment:

This is pricey, but lets face it you are paying for the brand. It is really and unusually for a matte lipstick, beautifully hydrating but you will need a lip liner with this one.

I love love love this retro collection from Mac which is incredibly long lasting, but I do find that your lips dry out (especially when you are before that Court of Appeal Judge)so you will need a primer. I recommend using the Mac “Prep and Prime” . A really great winning range