Tuesday Trends: Keeping ‘up’ appearances! By Keeley

Sports Bras-Keeleys top picks for 2021

So, It’s the start of a new year when many of us make fitness resolutions we hope we can keep, at least until Easter! Given the world we’re currently living in, with gyms shut, running is probably the easiest form of exercise available for most of us.

Picking running attire is pretty easy (well whatever fits after the Christmas binge!). But for many there is the very important, and most often, agonising decision abut what bra to wear.

Let’s face it, we want to look dignified when we run (if this is possible!). We don’t want to run like Phoebe in Friends but most importantly we don’t  want to cause ourselves injury with two black eyes by not being well supported in the bra area. Seriously though, it is important to be well supported so we don’t damage our breasts. And if we support our breasts we help prevent sagging, This is particularly important for the larger busted among us. For me, I probably give more consideration to my bra choice than my running trainers. Is this normal?

There are different types of sports bras. If you have smaller breasts you are fortunate, as you can get away with the compression bra, also known as a crop top, which you can often pick up cheaply in any well known sports shop. Primark also do lovely colourful ones.

For the rest of us we have to rely on Encapsulation bras (they have two cups!) which are often expensive and always the same colour – black!

I have struggled with this for years and have tried my fair share of “cheap” sports bras, but none of them have done the job. That was until last year when I found the dream sports bra. The Knockout Maximum support front close sports bra-What a mouthfull!

 It is, quite honestly, the best sports bra I have ever had and despite the hefty price tag I would not feel comfortable wearing anything else.
It is priced at £45. Some might say, and by some I mean my mum: “What you paying that price for something you are going to sweat in”, but it is in my view well worth the price and I have washed mine over and over again and it does not wear or stretch, which I have found happens with some. What is lovely, is that it comes in an array of different colours. It has a front closing and then a zip over the top, so there is no chance of anything escaping in there, no matter how fast you run! 

I am not an expert and so you will need to speak to the professionals re: bra size but my sports bras are my normal bra size so you could always work on that assumption and try it. 

Here are my top three Sports bras for 2021 (although I have to say I have not tried or tested option 2 or 3 as I am so content with my Victoria Secrets dream sports bra).

All of my top picks go up to a G cup. The most colourful option again seems to be the Victoria Secrets bra. 1. Victoria Secrets-The Knockout Maximum support front close sports bra

2. Under Armour-High Crossback Zip Sports Bra

3. Marks and Spencers-Extra High Impact Serious Sports Bra

This article is dedicated to all of those people running in January for mental health awareness #REDjanuary and in particular the #legalrunners21. Good luck to everyone running for your chosen charities in January, you are so inspiring to us all.

With glitter love