Tuesday Trends : Slip into a summery Spring! By Sabrina styles

Spring and even summer are firmly upon us even if the latter doesn’t officially start until the 21st June. I’ve increasingly seen myself favouring dresses, probably because they’re so easy to wear and you only really need one item to make a statement. The slip dress is a great addition to any wardrobe, because for the unpredictable British weather, you never know when you need that extra layer that this dress allows you to wear under it. Far from the crazy looks this 90’s staple tended to evoke, I opted for very simple black layering, because I found that it acted as a gentle leeway into a new trend without looking too outrageous.

Although a true 90s looks wouldn’t be complete without a choker around my neck I didn’t want to give in completely to the dark side. I tried to keep the look somewhat feminine by belting the dress. The grey statement necklace and pale pink cardigan I used to complete the look played a little nod to spring whilst also helping to evoke a slightly more whimsical side with the pastel tones.











I find that with a midi dress a slight heel always works best in order to avoid looking frumpy. For a casual day I went for some low heeled black boots that are comfortable enough to walk around in whilst also giving me some height.
Dress- Primark
Cardigan– H&M
Boots- New Look
Necklace- Dorothy Perkins

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