The Balanced Brief

Tuesday Tips ; Parenting & a busy practice

By Anita, a family law barrister
A busy practice and parenting
We lawyers are both highly reliable and consistently unreliable. We often have to let someone down, either your child or someone at work. It’s all about discipline and time management and not just at work. Managing a child’s social life is challenging too. You have to be both chauffeur and protector.
I find it sad, sometimes, I’m so busy I can’t remember my children’s childhood. It’s all a blur of always just getting things done.

I’m just muddling along like most people but my tips for coping would be:
1. Take regular breaks. Go sit in a restaurant with your child while on holiday. Sit there for a few hours with no deadline. You’ll be amazed what you learn about yourself and more importantly, your child.

2. Make good childcare arrangements. That’s the trampoline from which you jump into other areas of your life. A good childminder is consistent, reliable and flexible.the test is also, does your child like the childminder. Does he sparkle when he sees the childminder? Assess how the childminder responds to you as the parent. Never pass your responsibility to the childminder. Both the minder and your child need to know you are the parent.

3. Children are great stress relievers. Go out with them whenever you can. They remind you that the minor pressures of work don’t really matter. They are why you do it.

4. Success for me is knowing my children could cope with life if I wasn’t around. If they turn out to be well rounded individuals, that’s my success.

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