Friday Food:Garlic butter cheesy dough balls by Sharan

Food has been such a motivator for so many of us during lockdown. For me, time at home has given the opportunity to try out new recipes that require love and attention.
I’m not saying that the results have always been spectacular but, on the whole, they have been edible!
 However, simplicity wins again.   The most asked for dish by kids and family is garlic butter cheesy dough balls.   Meltingly oozy mozzarella with dripping garlic butter all encased in Soft springy dough like pillows of comfort.   My youngest loves the toasted, crispy bits of cheese that have escaped and taken on a life of their own – fighting with her siblings to get the best of the scrapes.

This is one of the easiest dishes to make.  The only equipment that I would suggest is a proper cast iron skillet. And then, patience is needed while the dough rises.
We are lucky enough to have a pizza oven in the garden, (more on that another time)  but I have made them in the oven and they are just as delicious.  A fresh salad and a cold glass of Rose makes this a complete bundle of pure joy.
Yours in taste