Tuesday Tips : Christmas gifts for clerks – the dilemma!

Christmas gifts for the clerks by Sharan

Having spent the last few months grappling with the dilemma of what to buy him indoors (for the big 50), it’s now time to turn my head to the other perplexing gift buying dilemma – what to buy the clerks.
Does your Chambers have a policy or is it left to everyone’s sole discretion?  In a previous chambers there was a strict ‘No Buying” policy and the clerks were all given a bottle of fizz each.  Made it much easier but took away the fun somewhat.

I have always had a better relationship with some clerks than others.  Personalities and their abilities to manage me make it inevitable that I gravitate towards certain people and they to me.  So if you have a family team of clerks do you buy for them each equally or is it ok to have a hierarchy?  How high do you go?  Too low and will they consider you a miser? Too high and is it bribery. And can a gift be seen as too personal?  Is there a line that can be crossed?

I have come to the conclusion that each of us must do what is right for us and our relationships with those that manage us on a daily basis.   I want to buy them something because they are very important to  my practice and I want them to know that I appreciate them.   This year I had decided that I am buying a bottle of Roche Lacour Cremant de Limoux 2017 – Laithwaites –  Not too expensive but absolutely delicious.   I then decide that this will be for the three that I have regular and consistent contact with, and then I feel immediately guilty about the other two in the team who also help me out when I need them.  Honestly it’s as difficult as buying for the husband!