Tuesday Trends : French chic by Keeley

Ooh la la!

So, this weekend I went camping in France. 5 girls in a camper van does not scream  a stylish break……

However, what was blatantly obvious from the moment I stepped outside the door of the van was that the French can ooze style and sophistication in any situation.

Every person I came across, in a restaurant or on the street exuded “style”. Even couples walking together, hand in hand, were beautifully co-ordinated  One couple were very “Ralph Lauren” in beige and white. The woman had  a cute but simple white T-shirt on with beige trousers, her husband/boyfriend was wearing the same colours but the opposite way round. Everyone was so trendy and smartly dressed, it was disheartening!!

If you’re happy being surrounded by such style and beauty I would highly recommend visiting Le Touquet. The main high street, just up from the seafront, is buzzing with stylish bouquets as well as high-end shops. The French baby shops were particularly cute.

I just wish the words “style” and “class” could describe our BBQ-ing skills! But let’s not go there!