Film is an incredibly powerful medium. Films can entertain, inform, educate, promote, change perceptions and spark debate and discussion.

Lawyers Life co founder and barrister Rehna has written and produced a series of short films about the family justice system. They have been screened at: the President’s judicial conference, the launch of a new law firm, seminars at barristers’ chambers and Local Authority and Cafcass conferences

Watch the short montage above:

In an increasingly competitive legal marketplace, film is an exciting and creative way to communicate with your clients; whether it is through a corporate video setting out the services you provide, a training video or a specially commissioned short drama which showcases the work you do.

If you wish to commission a film for your law firm, chambers, NGO, charity, public service or individual promotion, please contact Rehna for a production and budget consultation at:

For screenings of Rehna’s films about the Family Justice System and accompanying presentation, please contact Rehna at:

Past discussion panels following a screening of the films have included:
The Family court and transparency
Justice in 26 weeks – can it be achieved?
Why clients need legal representation
The public perception of social work and family law and how to improve it
Why mothers stay with abusive partners

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