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Weekend Vibes: 5 uplifting Instagram accounts to follow, by Lisa

5 Instagram Accounts That Have Helped Me Through Lockdown by Lisa (solicitor)


1. @SpaceMasks
Harriet the founder of Spacemasks is fantastic. If you haven’t heard of SpaceMasks where have you been?! They deserve their own article on IALL so look out for that!
From Instastories and chat about her family to food recipes to her adorable Daschunds, her wit and humour has really made me laugh through these testing times. I started following her at the start of lockdown and will definitely continue to, after lockdown has been lifted. A bonus is, she discusses skincare and has introduced her followers to new, independent skincare brands.
2. @UpWorthy
Their Instagram bio states that they deliver the best of humanity since 2012. I haven’t been following them for that long but, man, is their bio right!
It’s one of those good news accounts that can have you smiling one minute and blubbering the next with how kind and selfless humans can be. I’ve tried to reduce my consumption of Coronavirus related news as I knew it would affect how I feel about lockdown. Good news outlets like UpWorthy has really shown me that despite the difficulties everyone is going through right now, there is some good in the world.
3. @love.your.wardrobe
Margarita is a personal stylist and a fashionable one at that. Follow her for beautiful outfit inspirations every day, which sometimes features her new puppy. She has recently written a blog post on how we can dress to look and feel better in lockdown and beyond. Plus she champions #over40style. Definitely worth a follow.
4. @mutha.hood
A celebrator of The Power of The Girl and the creator of the Strong Girls Club, (you may have seen her colourful t-shirts on Insta), Gemma is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she champion small businesses, but she also advocates female empowerment and self-worth and her Instastories are absolutely hilarious.
She has two young daughters and gives updates on how they and her husband make her go a high dolphin pitch with their antics. She has also got a new puppy – I think you can see where I’m going with this.
5. @inthefrow
I’ve been following Victoria for years and years and she is smashing the content creator game. Not only is her Instagram feed beautiful, she’s absolutely stunning and an incredibly down to earth person. She had a gorgeous wedding last summer in France which I have definitely taken inspiration from. AND I think her Dad is a solicitor!
At the start of lockdown I got in contact with her to see if she could help with sourcing PPE for my local Hospice. She posted my request to her 892,000 followers and I had people messaging me with different ideas and leads. She even got me in contact with a brand who sent masks and visors to the Hospice. So, yes Vic is amazing and a lovely, lovely person. Her photography is beautiful and creative, and her wardrobe is out of this world.

Always Eco, L x