Wednesday Wedding: Shoes to say ‘I do’ to! By Lisa

5 Bridal Shoe Companies I’m Hotfooting To After Lockdown is Lifted


I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently and if I’m not perfecting my newly learned lockdown hobby of cross-stitching (I know, I know, I’m turning into a Grandma at the age of 28 (!), I’m scrolling on Instagram for wedding inspiration.

We are less than a year away which is super exciting and not at all scary. So, whilst a lot of our wedding is sorted, like the venue, band, photographer and videographer, lockdown has given me the opportunity to look at the fun parts of a wedding like shoes!
I’ve put together 5 shoes from brands that look absolutely beautiful and would compliment any wedding gown.


1. Lucy Choi London

Let’s kick off the list with these show stoppers! I am an absolute sucker for a bow and anything shiny. Case in point – my girl friends, when we were 18, all chipped in to buy each other Tiffany necklaces – mine was a pendant necklace with a bow which I still wear. So, yes bows are beautiful, especially this sparkler. Aptly named
The Shard Beige Glitter this mid-heel looks pretty comfortable – something I’m looking for in a shoe as I’m usually the first one on the dance floor and plan to dance the night away with my new husband and our friends and family.
Designer and niece of Jimmy Choo, Lucy’s stunning shoes combine beautiful designs with exceptional craftmanship. One to look at, even if you’re not getting married!
2. Harriet Wilde Shoes