Tuesday Trends:Dressing room delight by Keeley

Hollywood dressing tables – not just in Hollywood


I have always been a very girlie girl. Ever since I was old enough to cut all the hair off my hairdressing doll and then shampoo and condition my troll’s hair (much to my mum’s dismay) I have dreamt of having a dressing room. You know, the ones you see in films and on  the Kardashians.
The dressing rooms
that always stick in my mind are Carrie’s one in the new apartment in Sex and the City the movie  and of course Mia Thermopolis’ (played by Anne Hathaway) dressing room in the Princess diaries.

So, after finally accepting that someone from one of those make over programmes from the tele was NOT going to turn up on my doorstep and say I’d won a competition, whereby someone was going to build me the dressing room of my dreams, I decided I would create my own dressing room in my spare bedroom. The wall paper is, of course, grey glitter (what else would you expect!). I designed the wardrobe and shoe storage layout with the delectable IKEA, although they are still missing the doors! Now what I needed as the finishing touch was the dressing table.
I thought if I
could find the right dressing table everything else would just fit into place. I’ve never been so right. The problem was firstly, finding one that would fit in the small space I have (we’re not talking Hollywood film size bedrooms) and secondly one that I could afford. As much as I like to dream about Carrie Bradshaw and Princess Mia Thermopolis, I am not a rich writer living in a state of the art apartment in Manhattan. Nor am I a princess living in a castle in the fictional land of Genovia. I am, in fact, a Legal Aid lawyer from South London!

So I started off in the shop which is always my first point of call -IKEA Everyone loves going to IKEA on the weekend right? It turns out my husband doesn’t!
So the dressing table I find here doesn’t fit.
After an initial search on the internet, I came across the Hollywood dressing table of dreams from @lullabellz.

Absolutely beautiful with a glass, see through top and mirror with amazing Hollywood lighting. Unfortunately, not only was it not in my price range, but it was also too big!

After lots of internet searching and going through the personal agony of not being able to see or sit at the dressing table in person and spending hours zooming in and out on the same picture on my IPhone, I found “the one”.

I decided to go with the dressing table that fits.  It’s white (to match the wardrobes) and comes with a lovely (suggested) stool with a grey cushion(to match the wallpaper and floor).
Now, the dressing table was, in my view, very
reasonable at £99 with the stool coming in at £49. Not bad for @johnlewis. I am such a sucker for a “suggestion” to accompany a product or indeed an outfit!
Now I needed a mirror (first world problems, I know!). So when my mum and I were just casually wandering through Ikea (is there such a thing!) last weekend I cam
e across a lovely mirror, which seemed too good to be true at just £15 with the option to add your own Hollywood lighting for a further £36 (for two sets of lights). Now, given most of the Hollywood mirrors I had looked at were towards the £100, at least, mark I thought this was quite good. Not only that (and this is going to sound like my dad, the electrician coming out in me) given the lighting was separate from the mirror, if the lights were to dysfunction they could be replaced without the need to get a whole new mirror.

So here is the finished product


And here it is complete with my excessive amount of make up and beauty products.