Tuesday Trends: Sunglasses

It is a style truth universally acknowledged that pretty much anyone can look cool and even sexy in a pair of shades.

So which ones to choose? There’s such a huge range. And what shapes suit which shape faces?

So, here are a few basic tips:

Generally, if you have a square shaped face you are better off with round frames. Swap that if you have a roundish face, go for square sunglasses or rectangular ones.

Heart shaped faces are flattered by Wayfarers and Aviators.

But nothing beats trying on several pairs and just checking in the mirror or whipping out your phone for a quick selfie that you can then study at your leisure.

Below are some of the styles doing the rounds currently: colour tinted glasses ones are trendy this summer with pink being a popular colour, Matrix style wrap arounds are also back and unless you have a small face, oversized ’70s dark glasses never ail to give most people that instant movie star glamour.

Chanel, 18 karat gold lens £440
Kenzo unisex sunglasses £140
Alexander McQueen £310