Tuesday Trends: Style Counsel Diana Constantinide

Diana Constantinide : 33 Bedford Row Chambers
Areas of practice: International criminal law and human rights
Major career accomplishment: Representing genocide victims at the International Criminal Court.
  • A lawyer should look like a form of alchemy between femininity and confidence which compels admiration, respect, and a little bit of awe.


  • I normally take about 40 minutes to get ready and that includes doing my make up and hair.

  • I cannot do without these 3 make up essentials : blush, mascara, and lipstick. With these I can be ready for any event, conference, or meeting after court.


  • A make up secret that I wish to bestow upon you… is to use extra moisturise between your eyebrows. This is to delay any line definition. So, you smear, you moisturise (preferably the size of a ‘pea’) between your eyebrows before starting your make up ( giving time to absorb and soften any lines of expression/wrinkles). Do not add any foundation on top. This technique adds glow and makes your make up look natural.

  • To fix my hair takes a matter of seconds. I don’t do much , simply brush it and occasionally a bit of straightening. When I used to practice law in the Republic of Cyprus , a country that benefits immensely from sunshine and 40 degrees; I used to drive to Larnaca District Court with wet hair and within 40 minutes it was blow dried and straightened!
  • There is something intriguing and fascinating in adopting but also experimenting with styles that are not necessarily trending but contradict the stereotypes associated with the legal profession.
  • I have prepared a   17 minute make up video on my YouTube Channel in which I share my journey in becoming an international human rights lawyer.

  • You can connect with me on all social media platforms:
YouTube: Diana Constantinide
Instagram and twitter @dianalousia
Facebook: Diana Constantinide

Thank you for your time in reading this article and I wish you all the best,
Diana Constantinide