Tuesday Trends: Selfridges but at the cinema. By Keeley

Selfridges-More than just a shopping experience

In the basement of the prestigious Selfridges building lies the new Selfridges cinema.  My first thoughts were: It’s going to be dull and dingy in the basement. How wrong was I! It’s not on the huge side but it’s very classy. There is a lovely bar, a cosy sitting area, and a very small refreshments counter selling your posher than normal type beverages.

We saw the new James Bond film, No Time to Die there, so the whole cinema had been set out in James Bond Theme. It will be interesting to know whether they do this for different films.

It’s a lovely cosy setting for drinks and the cocktails come highly recommended by me. You can then take your cocktail(s) or a bottle of your favourite beverage into the film (ice bucket and all) and you get to take in proper glasses, so none of that plastic glass marlarkey. Should you need topping up during the film, worry not, as if you nip out and order another bottle, the helpful staff will bring the bottle in an ice bucket to you in the theatre.

I thought it was reasonably priced at £20 a ticket. The seats are exceptionally spacious, with a small table in between. The seats also fully recline (If you like that sort of thing). The theatre reminded me very much of seeing a show in Vegas!

There was free food as well. I don’t know if this was a thing just for Bond, or on a Friday, so it will be interesting to see if this is the case next time too.

It’s good to know about the cinema because if you want to go carefree shopping, you can put your partner and the kids in the cinema and shop away!

You can hire out the cinema for private viewings. So, it’s one to keep in mind for our next It’s a Lawyers Life event.  

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With shopping and glitter love

Keeley x