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Tuesday Trends: Lipstick lawyers! By Keeley

For Christmas my sister surprised me with a bespoke lipstick making experience. Who knew there was such a thing? 

On a chilly January Sunday I headed to Code8 at Burlington Avenue with my sister, mum and baby niece. My first experience of Burlington Avenue and WOW. It was James Bond themed as well. So pretty. 

We were greeted at Code8 by the wonderful Juan and taken to sit at the Colour ID lab. This was a bar with stools where we could be at the heart of the mixing action! We were given Prosecco and water (nice touch). Juan then spoke at length with me about my likes and dislikes in respect of lipstick. From this he was able to ascertain my preferences as to colour and texture (Matt or Silk). He then got mixing a variety of colours which scared me at first.Especially the yellow! 

Juan was so patient and wanted to be sure this was the lipstick of my dreams. After all no one else in the world will ever have this bespoke lipstick. He suggested I go outside with a mirror as the lipstick would look different in the daylight. I thought he was crazy at first, but wow, what a revelation! It’s amazing how a lipstick colour can look so different in natural daylight. In fact, I don’t think I will ever buy a new lipstick in a department store again (but you know how obsessed I am with Selfridges so let’s see how that goes)!

So, once we had the colour sorted the science really began. Juan carefully placed the perfectly matched colour mix into his specialised lab pot. This was heated up and then immediately frozen for approximately 20 minutes. 

And then wala! My new bespoke lipstick was born. Another nice touch is that you get to name it. It comes in a lovely presented gift box and then a pretty gify bag with a bow!

So, are you going to have to pawn all your existing lipsticks to be able to afford to go lipstick making I hear you cry?

Luckily, the answer is NO. It’s £75 for the 45 minute session, which includes your lipstick to take home. You are also given a personalised card, so when that bespoke lipstick runs out you can replemish it. 

I had never come across Code 8 before, but what a revelation. Due to Juan’s  expertise and advice I came away with not only my expert colour creation, but also other make up. I’mloving the foundation and bronzer. 

Check out their website and receive 10 per cent off yor first order-

@Itsalawyerslife are currently planning to arrange a bespoke lipstick making evening for our readers, so keep an eye on our social media platforms and the website for further details.

With Lipstick and make up love

Keeley x x