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Tuesday Trends: Feelin’ hot, hot, hot! By Keeley

  1. Hot Hot Hot

So the beautif hot weather we’re having (in between the rain) has started something  of a debate (in both the office and at home) as to what is appropriate work attire in the heat……………


Now from speaking to some men this week,the feedback I’ve had is that it’s much easier to dress for summer and still be work appropriate,  if you’re a woman. What are people’s thoughts on this?

Although,  I was, admittedly defensive on behalf of the female work population in my initial response, after careful consideration I would probably agree it is much easier for a woman to be as “cool as a cucumber” in the basting sunshinewhilst at work as opposed to the male species. For instance, I got away, last week, with a simple dress (no tights) and some sandals, with my heels and a suit jacket at an arms reach in the event that they would be called for.

Men on the other hand would have had to continue with the whole suit, shirt, tie (if in Court or seeing clients), shoes and socks combo. Then for guys there is the “will I get away with having my shirt untucked given the heat” scenario…………… Although many would think the answer to this is “Yes”, lets face it an untucked shirt is not a good or smart look………

On the hottest day of the year recently  I got talking to a renowned London Circuit Judge at a calling ceremony about this very topic. She is a bencher and on me complimenting her on her gorgeous dress, she slipped the gown off her shoulders and showed me the  strappy dress underneath, commenting that no one would ever know she was wearing such straps underneath her sober judicial attire!

This then got us taking about appropriate Court wear. She let me into a secret; that Judges often wear black on their top half, as this is sometimes all we can see of them, but wear bright colour or print on their bottom half. So, remember, next time, when in front of that scary High Court Judge that they could be sporting some outrageous neon skirt or trousers underneath!

The Judge also said that she has only just starting wearing grey to Court and thinks this is the most you can get away with colour-wise. I agree and think it is still respectful to wear dark colours to Court. Although I’ve been in many heated debates with friends and colleagues who say we are (and should be) way past that now and can get away with more ‘risky ‘ colours and styles.