Tuesday Trends: bag organisers by Keeley

Getting organised for spring
I have two bags I adore. My Louis Vuitton Neverfull and my Kate Spade pink Molly Tote. The only fault I find with them is that I can never find anything amongst all the never ending rubbish I fill them with. Never being able to find my door keys after an evening out. Searching in the dark or in the pouring rain (my biggest pet hate). Then there’s the coffee cup which I take to court and my water bottle which lies dangerously in my beautiful handbag (normally on top of my laptop) as I have to prise them apart apart (yes the liquids and the electronics) to sip my water and burning hot coffee to get through court security.
So this week I was intrigued to see this bag organiser by
@zoomoni_official on insta
I particularly like that this website is tailored to each individual bag and the organisers come in a variety of colours. Although I do think they are rather expensive, with the cheapest one starting at $39. If you’ve already spend hundreds from your hard earned money on the designer handbag of your dreams, the last thing you want is to then have to spend a fortune on an additional organiser for the inside.
I came across this website on Facebook. It caught my eye with a cute video. There isn’t such a variety of colours as with zoomoni but they come in three sizes and are a lot cheaper in the sale, starting at £22.49 with free shipping.
Not sure what size you need? Don’t worry as they also offer a service whereby you can email them a picture of your bag or send them a message on Facebook messenger and they will recommend the size for you. Great!
I’ve already looked on Amazon for these but they don’t seem as good as the ones above.
So I’m going to order one and will keep you updated as to my findings, but if anyone has one already please let tell me as I would love to know what you think.
With glitter organising love