Tuesday Trends: 16.7.19 . The Keeley range by Mulberry – by Keeley!

When is it justifiable to make an extravagant purchase?

Is it when something has a “meaning” for you ?

This is the predicament I’ve encountered recently………..

The new Mulberry collection is called the “Keeley”. Spelt exactly the same way as my name and lets face it-it is very me!

Ofcourse this means I ‘should’ have it. Doesn’t  it?

Answers on a postcard please………………


Keeley leather satchel £1,095.00

The new Keeley bag embodies the best of the rebellious spirit that runs through British history, from suffragettes to punks. Hardware details and the new studded Keystone Lock contrast with a soft structure and natural slouch as it hangs from the shoulder. Youthful, elegant, and innovative, each member of the Keeley family shares a playful, mischievous edge.

Keeley black heavy grain £795.00