Tuesday Trends- Keeley’s hot pick of winter coats

Those of you who know me, know that I am not a fan of the cold weather but I do love a good coat. I have an assortment of them, having learnt from my mum, who bought me a new coat, religiously, for my birthday (me being a winter baby) every year since I was very young.

A coat can be a statement piece but finding the right one can also be an almighty pain. There is so much you need to consider. Can you drive in it? Is it ok for the tube? Is it warm enough? Is it too warm? Can I carry it around at Court all day? Will it fit in my wheelie suitcase?

The questions are endless! For me one of the big questions is “Will I be able to keep this colour clean without getting makeup all around the collar……..

I know coats can be expensive. So, here are my hot picks for this season in three different price bands. So there’s something for everyone:


SHEIN: In my opinion, SHEIN can be very hit and miss but some items I’ve bought from them have been amazing quality for the money. Last year I bought a lovely coat which I’m still wearing this winter.

I love this waterfall design and although I’d love to wear this colour coat it would be dirty in minutes and so I am in awe of anyone who can pull this off and keep it clean.

I am completely smitten with this powder blue and love the split back of this design. Delivery takes a while but completely worth it for this bargain.

Mid range:

I have actually ordered this coat (will let you know what I think). I love the studded arm detail and this is perfect, not just for the office or Court but for going out as well (yes fingers crossed we actually get to wear our coats outdoors this winter).

Nothing says power and elegance like this red coat. River island is always my go to for clothes and they have not let us down this winter.

High end:

I am not embarrassed to say I am a huge fan of Karen Millen. With all their stores now closed you can only shop online. Look out for offers from Karen Millen as very often there are promos for 15 or sometimes 20 per cent off.

I am in love with this Chanel type looking belt detail.

This is a very classic camel coloured coat. I particularly like the fact the belt is included and think it really finishes it off nicely. Although it would be nice without it as well.

Good luck with your coat purchase(s). We would love to see pictures of your coats. So don’t forget to tag @itsalawyerslife in your photos. Look out for Tuesday Trends over the coming weeks when I will be looking at the wonder that are Macs and Jackets.

With glitter love

Keeley x x