Thursday thrill: National Lipstick Day

Is it your armour? Your weapon of seduction? The focal point of your face? Your trademark look?

29th July is National Lipstick Day.

Here are some faves from the Itsalawyerslife ladies:

So, my favourite lippy is Clarins Joli Rouge. It’s a good solid red and I can wear it both in and out of court. It is really smooth and lovely to wear. It makes me feel jolly! And here is a photo of it that is absolutely, clearly not me wearing it 😂



As you can imagine with my Wellbeing Queen Crown on, it has to be a brand that uses natural, high quality ingredients. Our skin is our largest organ & absorbs & processes everything we put on it! 

So, my go to brand is Dr Hauschka. The formula is 100% natural with yummy ingredients like rose petal, almond oil & natural pigment. 

My pink is 01 Rosebay. Price £20.50. It’s creamy. It nourishes & hydrates. With good coverage & depth of colour. 


Dior classic red- number 999-rouge velvet. Check out the cute stars on the lipstick itself.

The matching lip pencil comes with a cute sharpener and brush 🥰


Relentlessly Red. Mac, ofcourse! Sharan’s favourite

I will wear a shade to match my outfit. I know lighter colours make you look younger. But my go to colour is always a deep berry red.

Currently my fave is Berry Noir by Lancôme. £23-27