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Monday Music : The Elvis Presley experience by Michael Jones

Barrister Michael Jones recalls his experience of seeing an icon, Elvis Presley, for the price of 3 cocktails!


It was the summer of 1969 (August ) another summer of love. I rode into Las Vegas on a Greyhound bus and checked into the Westward Ho Motel as it was the cheapest accommodation I could find. On the Wednesday afternoon, 13th August, I went to the International Hotel where Elvis was playing.He had been booked to play the International for a month, starting 30th July, It was his first “Live” show for 9 years and he was being paid one million dollars. I was so naive that I thought I could just turn up and get a ticket for that night’s performance. So I went and spoke to a guy in the lobby who was as “camp as a row of tents”. He told me that the supper show was fully booked and so was the 11 O/Clock cocktail show. I said that I had come all the way from England and he said:- Turn up at 7:45 pm and he would get me in

Also I had to buy a minimum of 3 cocktails which cost me 11 dollars( about £4:50) Then I asked if I could have my ticket and he said there were no tickets but turn up at 7:45pm and he would get me even if he had to swing me from the chandelier. I went at 7:45pm and I was shown to a table with two other people and put in my order for 3 cocktails. Elvis came on dead on 8:00pm and sang for 2 hours and he mocked himself and took the mickey out of his band and the backing group The Sweet Inspiration. He sang 19 songs including his latest record to be released on Friday 15th August i. e. Suspicious Minds which is my favourite record. Here is the poster that was in the Lobby of the hotel and the postcard which were there for everyone to take.