Tuesday Trends : STYLE COUNSEL : What lawyers have been spotted wearing at court

At Lawyers Life we feel we’re improving the sartorial elegance of the profession one lawyer at a time. When we see a suit or footwear we like, we take a photograph and put it on our twitter and Facebook pages.

Lawyers everywhere are now clamouring to be snapped by us. They stagger into court in sky high heels (and that’s just the men) and suits a size too small for them, demanding to be papped. Some even send us selfies.

Enjoy this selection :

1. A lawyer willing to be named and famed. Well, she does own a rare, low heeled pair of Louboutins, so it’s understandable. Family law barrister, Janet Bettle, ma’am, we salute you!

Otherwise, can you match the shapely ankle to the lawyer?

2. She’s reliving her youth in these heels. They were £15 or so from Barratts 12 years ago.

3. She couldn’t decide. So, in the words of that great philosopher, Michael Jackson; it don’t matter if you’re black or  white.

4. Legal shades of grey. Another vote for Barratts. £25.

5. High end fashion matched with High Street. Vivienne Westwood jacket paired with a Reiss skirt for this elegant lady

6. Want to win your first case in the Court of Appeal? Wear these beauties. Hobbs . £100 in the sale

7. The devil may wear Prada but this lady lawyer carries it.

8. Glamorous guardians are not restricted by colour. So, she’s pretty in pink

9. Was she a hand model in another life. A great suit requires great accessories.

10. More stylish heels from a lawyers favourite, Hobbs , £100.

11. Beautiful shoe posing. Another Hobbs pair. £30 in the sale

12. She could be a model. An elegant suit from Gresham Blake

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