Law Courts

Monday Mood : Pretty things near grim courts: Medway

Going to Medway court has little to recommend it. The journey may be relatively short; between 40 – 60 minutes on the train from either Victoria mainline station or St Pancras and the service generally reliable and frequent but the place itself is uninspiring.

However, as the self appointed Pollyanna of the profession, I’ve decided I will find something wonderful near even the dullest courts.

So, one of the stations closest to the court is Rochester, an historic city much loved by Charles Dickens. If you have time after a hearing, wander down towards the castle and cathedral. Along the way you can stop at Eastgate house and the chalet where Dickens wrote five of his novels. There are plenty of cute little tea shops in the area with homemade cakes as well as bookshops that you can rummage around in for that early edition of some classic.

For a small town Rochester has a lot of history so if you see groups of French or German children wandering around Chatham and think, why on earth would anyone come here, don’t. Check the place out for yourself.