Tuesday Trends : Press coverage: Keeley

Lawyers Life has had some cool press for our live events. Last year we featured twice in The Times for our Greatest Fictional Lawyer debate at Middle Temple. (See below)

This week our Tuesday Trends editor (and style queen) Keeley is profiled in Your Sussex magazine. Congrats Keeley!





Fashion and fiction combined this week to shake up the usually staid environment of Middle Temple Hall, with its wood-panelled walls and grand portraits of dead lawyers (writes Catherine Baksi).
For the Law in Style event, organised by Rehna Azim, 42 Bedford Row’s resident fashionista, the Great Hall became a catwalk where barristers, solicitors and support staff strutted their stuff in clobber from high-street and bespoke shops.
The fashion parade brought back memories for the compere, the Inner Temple bencher Master Hodge. “My ex-wife used to shop in Hobbs,” he told the crowded hall. “She ran up so much money on my credit card. I think that’s why we got divorced.”
After the catwalk was metaphorically rolled up, presentations chaired by Anthony Arlidge, QC, of Red Lion Chambers in London, sought to resolve the debate over who is the best ever fictional lawyer.
Ten real-life lawyers made submissions of varying eloquence on behalf of characters including Harvey Specter from the American television series Suits, which once starred Meghan Markle; Atticus Finch, from Harper Lee’s novel, which inspired the career choice of most at the Bar; Mr Jaggers from Dickens’s Great Expectations; TV’s Kavanagh, QC; Lionel Hutz from The Simpsons; and of course John Mortimer’s beloved Rumpole of the Bailey.
However, it was Elle Woods as played by Reese Witherspoon (pictured) in the film Legally Blonde who stole the crown, thanks to the advocacy on her behalf of 42 Bedford Row’s Jeremy Hall.
The Inn had never seen anything quite like Monday evening and the benchers were reportedly delighted to see the hall filled with beautiful, confident, stylish women. Unsurprisingly they want another helping next year.