Tuesday Trends : Our first live event! And it was fabulous, darling.


When it comes to fashion, let’s face it, most lawyers are the human equivalent of a beige turtleneck.

Not the ones, we, at Lawyers Life, hang out with though.

No, our friends are that sexy, cool leather jacket that makes you feel 18 again. So much so that law reporter Catherine Baksi from  declared she had ‘never seen so many glamorous lawyers in one room.’

She spoke of-course, of our first live event, Law in Style held at the Hobbs flagship store in Covent Garden.


Let it be known, ‘glamorous lawyer’ shall be an oxymoron no more.

Since we, at Lawyers life, never met a party we didn’t like and the legal profession is thin on the ground when it comes to fun bashes, we threw our own.

Hobbs brought the fashion.

42Bedford Row brought the legal gravitas.

Family Law silk Tina Cook QC brought elegance with attitude as our magnificent MC / hostess for the evening

And, yes, lawyers brought the style.

7 solicitors, barristers, chambers clerks, students took to the catwalk as if they were born for the role.

Miller and Harris, perfumers, provided the scents for the evening, many fashionable selfies were taken, the champagne flowed, much court wear shopping  was done and a fabulous time was had by all, darling.

And two of our favourite lawyers, Jane Wells from Harney and Wells and Tammy Knox from Bindmans won prizes!!

Lawyers Life – we make the law cool.

Photographs by Q at Dark Green Studios

Enjoy :


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