Tuesday Trends :New year tidings: cleaning makeup brushes by Keeley

New year tidings: make-up clean-up

So, after a mammoth lie in on New Year’s Day (starting as I mean to go on!) I decided to have a cleaning frenzy indoors. As I sat at my dressing table tidying away the make up from the beauty advent calendars, I realised I hadn’t cleaned my make up brushes for an eternity.

Please tell me I’m not the only one (holds head in hands emoji). So, I thought, what better way to clean my brushes than with my new make brush cleaner- the Stylpro original.

The kit consists of a cleaning bowl, the whizzing cleaning brunch and various different sized attachments, together with two sachets of cleaning cleanser. Dependent on the product on your brushes (foundation or powder) you decide whether you need the cleaner or just water. I managed to find an attachment that fitted every one of my endless DIRTY brushes. Not only does the device clean your brushes but it also dries them, leaving them all fluffy and looking brand new. I would definitely recommend this product.

All I would say is that the cleanser refills are a bit on the expensive side and so I wonder if the same effect can be achieved from just using good old washing up liquid or shower gel (this is what I have always historically washed my brushes with. Let me know your thoughts.

With clean brushes love