Naomi: In fashion. Exhibition.

The Victoria and Albert Museum has given us some of the finest fashion exhibitions in recent years. The Christian Dior: Designer of dreams and the Chanel exhibitions have both been beyond beautiful. 

Now comes Naomi: In Fashion.

Charting the life and sometimes volatile career of the impossible long legged supermodel from Streatham, it showcases a fabulous array of designer fashion, music videos and interviews with celebrities who have worked with Naomi Campbell 

Not shying away from the more controversial aspects of her career, the exhibition gives space to the Dolce and Gabbana gown in which she famously completed the community service order she was given for throwing her telephone at an assistant in temper in 2007. There’s also a video clip of her falling on the runway because of the stupidly high platforms she was given to wear, which is nicely juxtaposed with a mini runway in which visitors can walk like Naomi.’

But most of all the exhibition, with its 100 outfits, accessories and rolling screen displays of her many cover shoots, honours the accomplishments of a model who opened the door for black models and strutted the runway like no other. 

This is a fabulous exhibition that I saw at a press preview and that I highly recommend.

It opens to the public today (22nd June) and continues until March 2025.