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Monday Mood: Give me Serenity! By Rina

Give me Serenity

Covid-19 is affecting our lives in so many ways, not least our emotions. Rina offers some oily help


There’s no two ways about it. My emotions have taken a battering in the past few weeks. I am sure this is true of very many of us.

I have been diffusing one of my favourite blends, Serenity, A LOT.


Why? Because it is a beautiful, restful, blend that is comprised of a number of single oils, each with its own properties and benefits.

Ylang Ylang: Lifts mood while having a calming effect


Lavender: Dispels tension and relieves anxious feelings


Ho Wood: Calms the mind


Hawaiian Sandalwood: Woody, earthy and relaxing


Marjoram: Emotionally soothing


Vetiver: One of the most sedative, grounding essential oils


Cedarwood: Calms the nervous system


Roman Chamomile: Calms, relaxes and quiets the body and mind


Vanilla Absolute: Soothes worries and encourages feeling of love and connection


And that’s probably all I need to say about why I’m diffusing Serenity right now.

Stay safe. Stay indoors.


Oilwards and Upwards,