Monday Mood: Falling water, celebration of an architect by Eliza

Evening all!
American architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright, born
#OTD in 1867, designed more than 1000 buildings, of which 532 were completed.

Simon & Garfunkel wrote about him in their 1970 track, ‘So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright, praising his talent and vision. Lloyd’s vision in designing structures were that they were in harmony with humanity and the environment and his best example of his philosophy can be seen in his famous design named ‘Fallingwater’ where the dwelling is built partly over a waterfall. “It is where life is fundamental and free that men develop the vision needed to reveal the human soul in the blossoms it puts forth.”


“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”

Today’s tune is the 1995 single by David Bowie. Hope you enjoy! Eliza x David Bowie – Thru’ These Architects Eyes (1995)