Friday Film :Mad Max, Fury Road

Mad Max, Fury Road is epic, glorious, visionary film making.

Mad Max is the most insane film you’ll see this year – or any year.

If you’re up for it (and hard enough) you’ll love every petrol headed, high octane, crazy moment of it.


Tom Hardy is officially gorgeous in this reboot of the film that started as a cult and became a franchise once the original Max, Mel Gibson, broke out and became a Hollywood superstar.

Charlize Theron nearly steals the film as the one armed Furiosa.

Nicholas Hoult is a revelation and you totally forget he was ever the nerdy kid in About a Boy.

George Miller, the director, at 70 kicks the ass of many a younger director.


A huge cinematic spectacle that must be experienced on the big screen.

Go see it!


The story? Kind of doesn’t matter. You’ll work it out as you go along. Just go see it!


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