Well summer has officially come to an end. I personally don’t mind this because Autumn is one of my favourite seasons! The change of weather though does throw me off sometimes with my beauty routine! What can I use now to keep my skin hydrated? How do I alter my makeup for the new season?  Well the answers are below…..

  1. During the season change I notice my lips and hands feel dry…not the best look! I would recommend using the classic Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream on your lips and nails. This is my go to product especially for my lips. Unlike other brands like Vaseline this actually stays put for hours…8 hours you might say (see what I did there!) it gives a really nice gloss to the lips and keeps nails nourished.


Look_Good_Feel_Gorgeous_AUTUMN_1£22.10 on for 200ml

  1. I have a love hate relationship with my hair. It’s long and always styled but when I overdo it with hairspray and straighteners the ends look brittle and dull, I find it gets worse in autumn and winter when the wind is strong and your hair is all over the place! The best thing one can use on hair is coconut oil. You will never look back. I know coconut shampoo is available and coconut treatments ect but the oil is what you need to get long luscious locks! I use it in my hair twice a week. I will apply it on my roots and on my ends, leave it in for a few hours (sometimes overnight) wash it out and voila my hair feels amazing and soft. I feel like my hair actually styles better when its nourished aswell! Trust me you will see a huge difference and the oil will last for months.


Look_Good_Feel_Gorgeous_AUTUMN_2 £6.50 from Tesco

  1. Gone are the bright pinks, reds and corals from the summer on your nails. It’s all about nudes, grey, cream even black! In the summer I would often go back to a classic and natural colour as I feel these colours go better with the outfits I wear! You can never go wrong with wearing a classic nude or dark shade. Right now I am wearing a colour by Jessica called Cherrywood and I love this! it’s a beautiful deep red/wine shade. It goes with everything and just looks glamorous! If you feel really daring try wearing Velvet and Pearls by Jessica. It’s a gorgeous black colour but remember it only looks “goth” if you are actually a goth so go for it!


Look_Good_Feel_Gorgeous_AUTUMN_3and4£10.50 each from

  1. Summer was all about the natural makeup look, light coverage and a minimal look overall. In Autumn I like to play around with my eyeliner and blusher. In the summer I was wearing brown eyeliner applied very subtly under my eyes and my hair was going through the “beach waves look”. Autumn is fun to play around with your makeup. Try a black eyeliner applied subtly on your lower lashes, it really makes them stand out…just don’t overdo it! My favourite one is Rimmel Exaggerate as it comes with a smudger at the end of the pencil to really blend. I am loving my blusher im wearing at the moment. It’s called Rose Initiale by Chanel. Less is more with this blusher, but when applied it’s a lovely shade on most skin shades. Try it out, if you find this shade doesn’t work for you try Innocence also by Chanel, it’s a lot less pink and more subtle.

Look_Good_Feel_Gorgeous_AUTUMN_5and6     £31 House of Fraser                                                  £3.99 Boots

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