Legal Style Awards 2023: Some winners

Though I say it myself, I honestly can’t think of another legal event that has captured the imagination of the profession quite like the Legal Style Awards. The nominations shortlist comes from votes. And the winners come from votes cast by their peers. These awards are not decided by a small committee but by other lawyers voting for their winner. Some 4000 votes were cast this year, 2000 up on last year’s inaugral event. Our publicity largely comes from nominees campaigning and enthusiasm from their colleagues.

Leisha Bond from St Philips chambers ran a phenomenal campaign to win Most Stylish Female Barrister.

Jasmine Murphy from Gatehouse chambers took the prize for Best Hair at the Bar with a winning pledge of promises in which she said she would give free demonstrations on how to use pink ribbon, treasury tags and paper clips as hair accessories!

Not to be outdone, Ikta Bhatia took best hair (Solicitor)