Tuesday Trends : Law in Style 2019: Spring/Summer collection, our live event


  • On 27th March 2019 itsalawyerslife hosted our 4th ‘Law in Style’ event with Hobbs London. The events have become a hugely anticipated fashion treat in the legal calendar.

Each year the event is over-subscribed as guests line up for an evening of wine, models and fashion. 2019 was no exception. As ever, we used lawyers as our models. And I’m very grateful to the lovely : Keeley Lengthorn, Leanne Darby, Rachel Chan, Heather Lockwood, Katie Phillips and Louise Whittington for not just looking stunning on the night but being such great fun to work with.

Hobbs chief stylist, the fabulous Cuddina Ottway guided us through the spring summer collections. And everyone privately pondered whether they could carry off a trendy trench coat or a floral jumpsuit .

This year our theme was Body Confidence. Our models braved their sartorial demons and shared with the audience their personal fashion insecurities  before Cuddina put them right with the perfect outfit.

Adding to the body confidence theme was Floral Street who provided gorgeous perfumes and body creams which we all tried on to decide  dreamy and radiant or  fiery and quirky, sultry and exotic or mystical and audacious among other things!

This year we also added a new feature to the evening when we introduced Harley Street therapist Petra Hassal to give us the lowdown on Relationship Confidence. Petra’s new book Such is Love (Romantic games and why we play) will be reviewed on this site very soon. Look out for that.

Once again, I’m hugely grateful to 42 Bedford Row chambers for co-hosting the event with us.