Friday Film : Jurassic World – film review

Resistance is futile. Jurassic World is a monster, a juggernaut, a box office bulldozer, a T-Rex of a movie. You can’t avoid it, so you might as well give and enjoy.

OK, JW isn’t a contemplative art-house piece about the vicissitudes of life. it’s about dinosaurs running amok and that’s fine because we need that in our lives too. It’s great summer fun.

You know exactly what is going to happen at every point: kids go alone to Jurassic World to meet an aunt they haven’t seen in years.

Will they get separated from her? Yes.

Aunt has been helping the theme park to create a new dinosaur ie attraction, the exact DNA of which is secret.

Will that creation turn out to be a bad ‘un? Yes.

The world needs to be saved. Is there a hunk who is perfect for the job? Yes.

Might aunt and attractive man fall for each other as they try to run from crazed dinosaurs? You betcha!

For all its predictability though, Jurassic World is enjoyable and likeable. The world has a new saviour in Chris Pratt who is something for everyone; heroic for children, enviably buff for men and dishy for the ladies.

Just go and enjoy.

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