Friday Food : Gado Gado by Charlotte George

Charlotte is a writer and director of film, television and theatre – including work for the BBC, Channel 4 and as the Director of Actors for Human Rights at ice&fire Theatre. She has been vegetarian for 10 years, and in that time has learned some pretty great recipes, which she is more than happy to share.

Gado Gado

This Indonesian salad is so tasty. Its also easy to make and cheap – so thats three wins out of three!

Prep/cooking time = 20 mins

Difficulty = 1.5


250g Tofu (I buy “fresh fried tofu” from my local Vietnamese supermarket or smoked tofu from the off licence)

Bean sprouts



Red capsicum (pepper to you Brits)

Spring onion

Handful of fresh mint

Lettuce/greens optional

3 eggs

5 tbsp Satay sauce (check that it doesn’t have shrimp paste in it. Some of them do and they taste, well, fishy! The brand I use is Yeo’s)

Soy sauce


Start by putting a dash of vege oil in a pan and cooking the tofu in 2 tbsp satay sauce along with a dash of soy sauce. You could also add a little garlic powder if you wish. Once that’s sizzling, turn the heat down and begin boiling the eggs. You want to hard boil them, so once the water is boiling make sure they cook for 8 mins or more.

In the meantime chop up all the veges and put them in serving bowls. As much as you want! Finely chop the mint and sprinkle through.

Make the sauce – combine one part satay sauce with one part yoghurt and stir (I’ve suggested 3 tbsp of each here, but depends how much you want. I love this sauce!)

Add the tofu to the salad and take the eggs off the boil. Peel them and slice in half, giving each salad three halves and placing them on top with the yolk facing up – so pretty!


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