The Balanced Brief

Tuesday Tips : Friends are for life

5 tips from Fareha, family law barrister 

1. Invest in your friendships. Not with a quick What’s App message or a text on their birthday or an email. Really invest. Meet them. Talk to them. Keep your connection alive. They are the ones (along with your family) who will get you through the hard times, the bereavements, the divorces, the children being ill, the work stresses.

2. Be the jam, the social jam of your friendship circles. Bring friends together at regular social events. Arrange the night out, the dinner, the afternoon tea, the trip to the cinema or theatre. It doesn’t matter if 3 turn up or 30 to what you’ve organised, the point is you’re doing something together. You’re laughing, reminiscing, sharing.

3. Do some social activity at weekends, however small. It’s so easy to vegetate because you’re tired or because you’ve got that 7 day trial starting on Monday. Spending a couple of hours with friends won’t make you a bad barrister, it will make you a happier person though.

4. Don’t pretend social media is a social life. It isn’t. Sharing photos on Facebook isn’t real interaction. It’s not going to strengthen your friendships. Sitting together, talking is. Seething on Twitter about Trump with your virtual ‘mates’ is NOT a social life!

5. Put time aside for meeting friends, the way you would for preparing your upcoming case or doing the grocery shopping. Don’t put it down at the bottom your to do list as a luxury or something that’s not important. It’s as important as reading those 5 lever arch files.

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