So ladies…party season is finally here and we all know we need to get the perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect accessories and more importantly the hair and makeup has to look fabulous.

The easiest makeup look to go for is a classic smoky eye, neutral lips and perfect contoured and highlighted cheekbones. Here is an easy step by step guide to achieving the perfect eye makeup for a Christmas or New Year party.

Incidentally, a smoky eye look doesn’t mean your entire eyelid is dark. The best thing about a smoky look is that you can use a variety of colours, for example: black with bronze, black with grey, even black and purple! The secret is in the blending and application.

Step 1

Start by applying a neutral/gold/silver base on the eyelid (depending on what colour accessories you will be wearing and your dress, whichever colour looks the best!) I had a navy blue lace dress I wore recently and I used silver as my base to match my silver accessories

Step 2

Using a cotton bud, carefully apply black eyeshadow in a triangle shape on the outer corner of the eye

Step 3

This is the part where you need to blend. I love using a cotton bud to blend the outer edges it gives amazing precision. This is a key step to getting the smoky look absolutely perfect. Blend, blend and blend! Some people find it easier using an eye shadow brush to blend but I generally use a cotton bud on both myself and clients.

The eyes should now look a little like this

Step 4

Apply your eyeliner, mascara, base, blush and lipstick as normal and you’re good to go!

Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year beautiful ladies! Xx