Tuesday Trends : Elegant, safe city travel: the RiutBag By Sarah Giblin

On a daily commute it isn’t just documents and a bite to eat lawyers are carrying. You’re unleashed on to the streets with access to every file about your clients on an amazing array of mobile devices.

Whilst getting smaller, most tech and cables are still relatively heavy. And the laptop bag on one shoulder, briefcase or even a large handbag, is going to take its toll on posture and spine over a lifetime. Many use a rucksack, for this reason, but there’s a problem with it. When you’re wearing a conventional rucksack, the person standing behind you can get into your rucksack better than you.

It was in realising this that I stopped my professional service job this year and started work on the next generation of rucksack. Here’s the prototype on Kickstarter now:


The new RiutBag design has an alternative balance of accessibility and security. Elegantly putting security at the core of the design, means city travellers like lawyers can move around safely and calmly. This relieves stress everyday and increases the quality of life for the individual. If all rucksack users wore their bags the Riut way round, it would create a different feel in cities across the world.

Key features:
Available to buy on Kickstarter from £45 including UK P&P
20 litre capacity
Holds up to a 15” laptop, tablet and A4 papers straight
Hidden ticket pockets in each strap
Two bottle holders within the profile of the bag
Small quick access pocket for your smart phone, keys, wallet and passport
Fully waterproof outer shell and underneath

The name, Riut (pronounced “riot”) stands for Revolution in user thinking. That’s the design philosophy that led me to revolve the body of the bag to put all zips at the back, use sturdier, stronger materials to last longer and, finally, to launch it on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, for real rucksack users to decide whether it’s what they want.

It’s on a crowdfunding website for 30 days only, attempting to raise £29,700 to put the RiutBag into production. It’s making waves: named Kickstarter “staff pick” within hours of going live, it has raised 80% of its funding goal in just 6 days.

Go check it out now!


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