Discount for webinar attendees

Those of you who attended the ‘What makes a Good Lawyer?’ will remember that we had a teaser for our 2021 cocktail masterclasses from Arleen. You will also remember that she offered a discount on products from her company Nazani tea.

The code for your discount is :LawyersLife10

Here’s a little background on Arleen and Nazani tea:

After training to be a barrister and working in-house and private practice, Arleen founded Nazani Tea to offer the world luxury herbal infusions, on par with some of the finest Tea (Camellia sinensis) suppliers.
Arleen grew up watching her family pick, source, blend and infuse the freshest and purest herbal infusions, and so she wanted to share her experience with the rest of the world. Arleen is working to resurrect ancient herbal blends and bring exciting new concepts to the market.

Arleen will be teaching us how to make the Arabian Delight cocktail and the mocktail version.

Remember your code for a discount: LawyersLife10