Monday Music : David Bowie RIP

Look up here, I’m in heaven

I’ve got scars that can’t be seen

I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen

Everybody knows me now

Lyrics from a song on David Bowie’s last album Blackstar, his parting gift to his fans. At a time when Z list celebrities share their every last sneeze with the world on social media, David Robert Jones aka David Bowie kept cancer a secret for 18 months.

At a time when the word ‘genius’ is  bandied about to describe any artist who can strum a guitar and chew gum at the same time, David Bowie was a true one.

Here are the thoughts of a few lawyers on the man who fell to earth and made it a magical place with his music and creativity.

‘When I was 12 I had Aladdin Sane on one side of a 90 minute cassette and Scary Monsters (and supercreeps) on the other. I listened to both constantly. For me Bowie was more important than Lennon.’ Helen Nettleship, barrister.


“The first time I came across David Bowie was in the film Labyrinth when I was about 10. I remember being scared by his weird hair but his songs were fun, so when I found his Changes compilation LP buried in my parents’ house I ended up learning the songs by heart. It was a key soundtrack of my youth. I’ve never been sophisticated enough to understand all the complicated and academic things that have been have been written about Bowie. I just know he made great songs, and that music is a poorer place without him.” Justin Leslie, barrister
‘I loved him for deciding to rhyme ‘Norfolk Broads’  with ‘Mice in their million hordes’. I was brought up near the Broads and they hadn’t  featured on Top of the Pops until then. I’m not sure they’ve featured much since, either.’ Jeremy Hall, barrister

“Hunky Dory – his single great album, is a must in any Rock collection worthy of discussion” Tony Charlick, commercial manager in chambers


‘I loved him as a true experimenter and risk taker. Very sad he’s gone.’ Joanna Shaw, barrister


‘Never even a fan, but there’s no denying his integrity and impact on music in general. Hard to think of anyone who has managed to stay so relevant over such an extended period of time without bowing to the prevailing fashions of the time. Also his crotch’s performance in Labrynth is truly haunting and will live on through the ages.’ Richard Williams, barrister


‘An ethereal, otherworldly genius. An Elvin prince, a thin, white duke, an alien who fell to earth and a king.’  Siobhan M. solicitor.ritzy

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