Tuesday Trends : ANGELA’S HANDBAGS – by Angela Piears

HANDBAGS: Radley totes the best – says Angela Piears, Personal Injury and Housing specialist at 42 Bedford Row, London.

Finding the right handbag is a tricky thing. There are a number of pre-requisites:

  1. It must be black: brown is simply wrong with court dress; pink is too frivolous and red is totally out of the question!
  2. It must be the right size: too big and it gets in the way as you get on and off trains, falls off your shoulder at inopportune moments, and swallows up all those most important things – like oyster cards, pens, purse, and calculators; too small and you can’t fit anything in.

This is my favourite bag– It is a ‘Tote’ by Radley and I have had it for 4 years now. It has certainly stood the test of time…

It has really useful open pockets on both sides which provide easy access to the essentials like travel cards and calculators. Pens can even clip onto the edge of the outside pockets – and in an emergency an ipad can be slotted there too.

The inside section is sufficiently roomy to accommodate the things you do not want on show: purse, make-up etc. You might think a larger bag would be better but I’ve found that makes everything too heavy – plus you run the risk of papers getting mixed up with your pad of post-it notes!

Radley have some very similar styles available now, for example this one for £199:

Or this one for £179: