Tuesday Trends :And the award for best dressed lawyer goes to….. by Keeley

What do you do when you’re up for a ‘Legal Oscar?’ More importantly, what do you wear?Our stylish solicitor (and legal awards nominee) Keeley gives us the fashion lowdown.

Keeley Lengthorn is a family lawyer and partner at MW solicitors :


The style sagas of being “Awards night ready”

So the legal award season is upon us. Not only does this mean the initial secret anguish of wondering : “have I been shortlisted”, “Was I even nominated” “Will I need to prepare a speech if I win”, but once  all that’s been confirmed the further terror of that all important question : “What the hell am I going to wear”.

Let’s face it, for men it’s pretty straight forward :- A quick hair cut, shave,  splash of aftershave and checking that the tux or best suit and tie are dry cleaned or at the very least fabric sprayed ready.

But for us women the struggle is real……………

The attire – do I need to wear a dress? Does the dress have to be long, short, not too revealing?

Then there is footwear- Am I tall enough to wear flats, if not have I by chance grown a couple of inches overnight to enable me to wear flats and be comfortable?  If I wear heels are they comfortable or at least of a suitable height so I don’t do a “Jennifer Lawrence” and fall over exposing myself to half of the judiciary and legal profession? 

Then there is the question of hair -up or down?

Makeup and in particular lipstick. This has to be long lasting, but not the type that is all over your teeth so it sticks out like a sore thumb during the acceptance speech and in the photos which will likely be on your firm/chambers website for the next century.  

It’s enough to frazzle the calmest mind.

So, where do people purchase their all-important attire from?

For me, I struggle trying to find a dress that isn’t going to cost a bomb (as obviously I wouldn’t dream of being seen in the same dress twice), but  is suitably glamorous. My pick of the bunch and “go to” websites are:

All of above is fine when the invitation says “black tie” but what do you do when the invitation says:

There is no formal dress code for the evening and it is not black tie: most people come in business attire; others prefer to use the occasion to get more dressed up. You can be as formal or informal as you like, and no one will feel out of place, as it is a very friendly event.

HELP I hear you cry!


Quite right too. This really is the wording of the invitation for the next event I’m attending where I am a finalist. You can imagine the heart palpitations and sleepless nights I’ve endured since receiving it. What on earth does one wear at such an event? And by one I mean a woman. This woman. Me!  And you.

Well, it’s the Ted Baker sale to the rescue coming along, once again to save the day…… with a little help from Next

My pick of the bunch:

Black tie:

Lipsy Ruffle Bardot satin panel bodycon £55

Sistaglam Jessica sequin Bardot maxi dress £85

“The other”

Ted Baker: Naimeyd Halter neck pencil dress £169


Begonit angular tailored trousers in dusty pink £129